Programme & Proceedings

Tuesday, 7 November

The duration of each talk is 25 minutes (Questions and Answers included)

• Morning session (9.20-10.40): Cultural Heritage Data Modelling.

09:20 Introduction to SWODCH 2023. Slides
09:35 Patterns2KG: JAMS pipeline for modeling music patterns (Abdul Shahid, Danny Diamond and James McDermott). Slides
10:00 RCC8 for CIDOC CRM: semantic modeling of mereological and topological spatial relations in Notre-Dame de Paris (Guillem Anais, Antoine Gros, Kevin Reby, Violette Abergel and Livio De Luca). Slides
10:25 A Data Model for Linked Stage Graph and the Historical Performing Arts Domain (Tabea Tietz, Oleksandra Bruns and Harald Sack). Slides


• Late Morning Session (11.20-12.40): Cultural Heritage Ontologies

11:20 An ontology to support decision-making in conservation and restoration interventions of cultural heritage (Efthymia Moraitou, Yannis Christodoulou, Konstantinos Kotis and George Caridakis). Slides
11:45 A comparative study of simple and complex art interpretations in linked open data using ICON ontology (Bruno Sartini and Sofia Baroncini). Slides
12:10 An Ontology for Creating Hypermedia Stories over Knowledge Graphs (Pasquale Lisena, Daniel Schwabe, Marieke van Erp, Inger Leemans, William Tullett, Raphaël Troncy, Sofia Colette Ehrich and Thibault Ehrhart). Slides


• Afternoon session (14.00-15.20): Data-driven approaches for Cultural Heritage

14:00 A Data-driven Approach to Create an Ontology of Parliamentary Work: Case Parliament of Finland on the Semantic Web (Eero Hyvönen, Petri Leskinen and Jouni Tuominen). Slides
14:25 Semantic data retrieval and integration for supporting artworks interpretation through Integrative Narrative Networks (Sofia Baroncini, Luc Steels and Remi van Trijp). Slides
14:50 Enhancing Entity Alignment Between Wikidata and ArtGraph using LLMs (Anna-Sofia Lippolis, Antonis Klironomos, Daniela F. Milon-Flores, Heng Zheng, Alexane Jouglar, Ebrahim Norouzi and Aidan Hogan). Slides


• Late afternoon session (16.00-17.20): Semantic Portals for Cultural Heritage

16:00 Publishing and studying historical opera and music theatre performances on the Semantic Web: case OperaSampo 1830-1960 (Annastiina Ahola, Eero Hyvönen, Heikki Rantala and Anne Kauppala). Slides
16:25 Why we need Ontology-specific Data Portals: A case study for CIDOC-CRM (Michalis Mountantonakis, Ioannis Theocharakis and Yannis Tzitzikas). Slides

16:50 Closing discussion.

The Proceedings of the 2023 edition of SWODCH are online at