••• November, 16, 2023

We will post here soon with news about the Special Issue that we organise and the 2024 edition of SWODCH.

••• November, 15, 2023

The slides of each SWODCH 2023 talk have been uploaded on the website and are now publicly available under the “Programme & Proceedings” section. Many thanks for having decided to share them!
If your slides are not there, or if you want to share additional material concerning the results you presented at SWODCH 2023, please contact us!
We’ll make our best to give visibility to them!

••• November, 15, 2023

Dear SWODCH 2023 authors and participants,

thank you again for your participation in SWODCH 2023, for your excellent presentations and for your contribution to the discussions with the other participants. We hope you enjoyed the workshop and you will join its future editions too!
As we announced at the last session of the workshop, ISWC had offered us a free workshop registration, which we decided to give to one of the workshop participants as a “best paper award”. We do not normally give such awards, but we decided to do it this year as an exception to take advantage of the offer we received.
The criteria we used for this award are: the quality of the paper and its contribution to the field of the workshop; the quality of the presentation; and the overall presence and contribution of the author(s) to the discussions in the workshop. We very much appreciated the participation this year of many young colleagues who are not only computer scientists (or even not computer scientists at all). They bring valuable insights from their own disciplines. For us, this proves that this workshop really succeeds in being a meeting place for different disciplines. This aspect also counted in our choice.
Based on the above criteria, we decided to give the award to Sofia Baroncini for the paper:
A comparative study of simple and complex art interpretations in linked open data using ICON ontology

Congratulations to Sofia and her co-authors!

Best wishes,
The chairs of SWODCH 2023