Aim & Scope

SWODCH 2023 is the third edition of the International Workshop on Semantic Web and Ontology Design for Cultural Heritage. The purpose of the workshop is two-fold: First, it aims to gather foundational research work on the design of conceptual models, knowledge graphs, ontologies, and Semantic Web (SW) technologies for Cultural Heritage (CH) and the Digital Humanities (DH). A plethora of heterogeneous and multi-format data currently available in these domains asks for principled methodologies and technologies to semantically characterise, integrate, and reason with data, and to support their retrieval, management, analysis and visualisation.

We also welcome philosophical and sociological analyses of data, knowledge representation models and modelling practices in CH and DH, possibly taking into account the social or historical dimensions of data. Second, SWODCH aims to bring together stakeholders from various fields of Computer Science and the Humanities, involved in the development and deployment of concrete SW solutions for CH, efficiently building, managing, exploring, visualising or mining CH knowledge graphs. More than 20 years after the beginning of this century, any SW solution should be designed according to the FAIR principles and the workshop supports the creation of datasets and applications that respect and are compliant with these principles.

“De sphaera mundi”, Johannes de Sacrobosco, 1550